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Organo India Pink Salt and Jaggery Powder Combo

Organo India Pink Salt and Jaggery Powder Combo

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Organo India Pink Salt is a great all-purpose salt. It is perfect for everyday cooking and also for seasoning dishes. It's a great alternative to regular table salt, which is known to be full of chemicals. It's also non-iodized and contains a variety of minerals and other nutrients that your body needs. Organo Jaggery Powder is a vegan product., which is perfect for those who are trying to avoid white sugar. This powder can be used in making Indian desserts and sweets etc.


Benefits of using Jaggery Powder

  • Prevents constipation
  • Treats flu-like symptoms
  • Acts as a Blood purifier
  • Boosts immunity

Benefits of using Pink Salt

  • Promotes Respiratory Functions
  • Maintains pH Balance
  • Perfect Sleep Inducer
  • Cures Digestion Problems

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