Organo India Cinnamon Powder | Dal Chini Powder | Flavourful | For Cooking & Baking | Rich in Antioxidants | Clean Nutrition | Super food (150g)

Brand: Organo India


  • Organo India Cinnamon Powder is Pure, Natural & Additive free.
  • Pure Farmer Collected Cinnamon.
  • ¼ Teaspoon Natural Cinnamon Powder can be used with honey to avoid cough and proper respiratory function.
  • Natural Cinnamon Powder can be used in daily tea & Spices
  • Health wise, it is perfect for respiratory, appetite and better digestion and removing free radicals.
  • Organo India Natural Ginger Powder is fresh collection from Meghalaya farmers, who grow ginger in hilly region.
  • Support Meghalaya farmers to uplift them by buying their produce.

PartNumber: KZ-OR5C-5YYH

Details: “Cinnamon Powder, a common kitchen ingredient used in Baking and Cooking is a Superfood, packed with Anti-Oxidants & is known to have anti-Inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. It also helps in Insulin Management, so is good for Diabetics. Cinnamon is an extremely versatile spice that is used in Baked Foods, flavouring of Curries or can be sprinkled on top of your Favourite Chocolate / Coffee drinks / Muesli / Oatmeal or Toast. Since Cinnamon can help in reducing bad Cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides and help manage blood pressure, it is good for your Heart. We source our Cinnamon Powder from a Certified Organic Supplier, so you can be assured that they have been grown without the use of any Pesticides, and will provide you with Clean Nutrition.”

Model: KZ-OR5C-5YYH

Item Condition: New

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