Organo India Saffron/ Kesar (1g)| Pure Kashmiri Kesar|Natural Kashmiri | Natural

Brand: Organo India


  • Calm Down Nervous
  • Perfect Sleep
  • Improves skin health – Kesar helps in clearing out all the skin imperfections, giving a natural glow to the skin
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Ideal for pregnant woman and skin care

Details: A family owned company established in 1957,Saffron operates with the singular goal of bringing the natural goodness of Kashmir directly to the people. We take the utmost care in providing you hygienically packaged, unprocessed, pure, natural, highest quality saffron. Quality is the mark we want to leave on this world. But quality should not come at a heavy price! By eliminating middlemen and bringing you only natural saffron, we have ensured that you get the highest quality of saffron at the most economical price possible. Directions for Use: To extract the true flavour, aroma and colour of the saffron, soak the saffron threads for a minimum of 20 minutes in a hot liquid like water, milk, broth etc. Soak overnight and store the liquid in the refrigerator for optimum results. Use this liquid to add flavour to your dishes or for your face packs. Pre-soaking allows the flavour and the colour to disperse evenly into the dish, drink or the pack.

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