Foxtail Millets Natural Grain

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Organo India Foxtail Millets Grain (400 g x 2)- Siridhanya Millets, Organic Thenai/Korralu/Kangni Millets Whole Grains Pack, Good Diabetic Food, Low GI and High Fibre Than Rice

Brand: Organo India


  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Siridanya Foxtail Millets Are Low Gi Gluten Free Whole Grains With Higher Fibre Content Than White Rice. It Is Very Much Suitable For Diabetic People To Help Control Blood Sugar Levels. Foxtail Millets Are Good For Weight Loss And Fasting Too. It Has The Highest Amount Of Zinc Found In Any Grain In The World.
  • NEAT and CLEAN: Our Millets Are Double Cleaned, Destoned, Dehusked, Size Graded, Colour Graded, Without Any Sand, Dirt Or Foriegn Particles. Enjoy The Real Good Flavour Of Our Millet Grains In The Most Natural Form And Taste.
  • COOKING: Replace White Rice With Sridhanya Foxtail Millet For Any Recipe. Soak In Water For An Hour Before Cooking. Cook In Pressure Cooker Or Rice Cooker Just Like White Rice. Can Be Used To Make Pulav, Pongal, Kichdi, Bisibelebath Or Any Other Dish Where Rice Is Used. It Is A Nutritious Substitute To Rice For Making Dosa And Idli Batter As It Grinds Well In The Grinder When Soaked Overnight. Sweet Dishes Like Kheer And Payasam Can Also Be Prepared Using Foxtail Millet.
  • HISTORY: Foxtail Millet Is Known Navane in Kannada, Thinai rice or Thenai Arisi In Tamil, Korralu Millet In Telugu And Kangni Ke Chawal In Hindi. It Is A Native And Indegenious Grain (non-gmo) Cultivated In India And China Since Ancient Times
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Millets Are Sustainable Crops That Require Very Less Water To Grow When Compared To Rice Or Wheat. They Are A Grass Species And Grow In A Short Span Of 3-4 Months.
  • BIRD FEED: Millets can also be used to feed your birds like love birds and budgies. They love these grains!!

EAN: 9871160551753

Item Condition: New

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